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About Me:
Yes, I had trains as a kid, Lionel. But I drifted away.   It was my son who rekindled my interest when he was about 8. We joined a club and we enjoyed every minute and still do.  He has since gone away to college and graduated and still comes home for the big show, The Amherst Railway Society Show, every year.
It was at that show, in 2006, that I started my career as a model railroad builder.  While my background is electrical and software engineering, I found myself needing a new direction.  I joined with a friend (Mike Tylick) and a group of layout builders to begin learning to build as a professional.  I have learned a lot over the years, outside of my previous profession, but still bring with me that engineering background to build a high quality and innovative craftsman built layout. I have learned what methods and products work well, and some that are not as good.
I am happy to help with your partially completed project, or in specific areas that you may not wish to tackle, as well, of course to build you a complete layout from your track design or mine.
I have worked in many scales - F/G O, S, HO, N, On30, HoN30.  I Design Track Plans using CAD, Build the Bench Work, Lay the Track and Wire the Electronics (standard or digital), Design custom circuits if necessary, and build the scenery.  I do have some other people that I can bring in to help with the scenery and modeling (see the Contact Page for Links to their work).


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